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NICEIC Certification’s Oil Competency Scheme delivers a certificate which is a requirement for oil technicians who wish to demonstrate their competence and to register with OFTEC or other operators of Competent Person Schemes.

What is the Oil Competency Scheme?

Certification is separated into the type of work that is carried out including:

  • Installation of Oil Heating (including energy efficiency)
  • Commissioning of Oil Heating (pressure jet and vaporising appliances)
  • Installation of Oil Storage tanks
  • Delivery of Oil 

In addition to the oil competencies, NICEIC Certification is able to offer certificates of competence for Part P Defined Competence Electrical Installations for Oil Technicians.

Why do I need to be qualified?

The assessments are recognised by OFTEC for registration as an oil firing technician. While NICEIC Certification will inform OFTEC of the award, the receipt of this certificate is not confirmation of OFTEC Registration and individuals seeking registration should contact OFTEC directly.

What are the benefits of choosing NICEIC Certification?

NICEIC Certification is one of the largest oil personnel certification bodies in the UK and provides:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Convenience of assessment through a network of approved UK training and assessment centres
  • Certification services are independently verified by UKAS
  • NICEIC Certification has a close working relationship with OFTEC

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