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Solar Thermal Hot Water

Solar Thermal Hot Water  

NICEIC Certification’s Solar Thermal Hot Water training and assessment has been developed for individuals who wish to demonstrate competence to work on the installation of Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems. Successful candidates will be able to use the award to apply to join a MCS Installer Scheme.

What is the Solar Thermal Hot Water Course?

The Solar Thermal Hot Water training is designed to provide experienced heating and plumbing engineers the necessary skills for basic design, installation, commission and service of Solar Thermal Hot Water systems.

All the NICEIC Environmental and Related Technologies courses have been developed around a modular approach to minimise disruption to installers, and maximise the benefit to installers;

Areas covered include:-

  • Basic Design
  • Relevant Regulations and Legislation
  • Collector Types
  • Design Layouts
  • Pre-survey Techniques and Installation Practices
  • Commissioning and Service
  • Fault Finding and Controls

Pre-Requisites apply

Note: All prerequisites are available via the network of NICEIC Approved centres.

Why do I need to demonstrate my competence?

NICEIC has been granted a licence to run a MCS Installer Scheme so that registered installers can provide access to Government grants for their customers.

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) designed the MCS to create criteria that installers and/or product manufacturers can follow to install environmental technologies. This should in turn provide a better service for consumers and ensure that the grant money available is spent in the most efficient way.

Also to carry out work relating to Building Regulations F, G, J, L and P in dwellings in England and Wales contractors must demonstrate competence in order to either:

  • gain registration with a body approved by Government (CLG), such as the NICEIC Building Regulations Scheme, to enable self-certification of work that must be notified to Building Control
  • notify your all work in line with the requirements of the Approved Documents of the Building Regulations to the Building Control office of the relevant local council where the work is carried out.
  • Control office of the relevant local council where the work is carried out.

What are the benefits of using NICEIC Certification?

NICEIC Certification is one of the leading personnel certification bodies in the UK and provides:

  • Excellent customer service – NICEIC Certification prides itself on meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Convenience of assessment – through an extensive network of approved training and assessment centres located throughout the UK
  • Customer understanding – as part of the NICEIC Group which has 50 years experience of assessing the competence of contractors
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