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2012 Press Releases

More courses added to online learning facility - October

Dragons' Den star Devey backs NICEIC campaign - October

Darren Evans Assessments certified to offer Green Deal Advisory Services - October

NICEIC offer Green Deal Advisor Certification - August

A first for Forrest - July

NICEIC and EAL form strategic alliance - July

NICEIC sponsor keynote debate at Westminster - July

NICEIC launch advertising campaign - July

NICEIC Live South - May 

NICEIC chosen to provide Green Deal certification - May

Industry Congratulates Tony - May

NICEIC Sponsor industry journalist - April

Select Committee report is released - March

Industry called to Building regs select committee - March

Fuse Wire Recall - February

Fees Frozen - February

Traders find for misuse of NICEIC logo - January

Certification News - January

Free Transfers - January

New Website - January


Fee News

Fees frozen for NICEIC contractors

In a move that will be welcomed by its 26,000 registered contractors, NICEIC has announced it is freezing all registration fees from April 2012 through to April 2013.

“NICEIC has made this decision in recognition of our customers’ continued support and the business pressures every one of our contractor’s face,” states Emma McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, NICEIC.

The price freeze is the fourth in five years and comes at a time when contractors are facing tough economic challenges.

“We want to assure our customers that NICEIC is here to help build their businesses,” comments Emma. “Registration with NICEIC marks you out as the best and we provide a range of other services to help our customers at work.”

Contractors registered with NICEIC can also access a range of business critical support services, including technical advice; industry recognised training, industry literature and contractor insurance.

All surpluses from NICEIC fees are passed to the Electrical Safety Council so the charity can carry out its work promoting registered electrical contractors and the importance of electrical safety.

Published 06 February 2012


Traders fined for misuse of NICEIC logo

Traders prosecuted for using NICEIC logo

Leicester based Deepak Virdi, who traded under the name of R.K Builders, was recently fined a total of £3,015 at Leicester Magistrates Court. He pleaded guilty to four counts of unauthorised use of a trade logo. Among them, two counts of using an NICEIC Approved contractor and NICEIC contractor logo.

Meanwhile, Paul Oldridge, of Veritas Support Services Ltd in Portsmouth, was fined a massive £14,800 at Southampton Magistrates Court for a range of offences relating to false advertising on his company website.

In all Oldridge pleaded guilty to 13 breaches of practice. He was charged in his capacity as a Director of three companies whose websites displayed information relating to the misleading Trade Association claims.

NICEIC’s Head of Customer Relations, Sandra Kerr, said: “We take misuse of our logo very seriously and we welcome the latest prosecutions.

“The NICEIC name is associated with quality and we must protect those contractors who are legitimately registered with us and have the quality of their work assessed on a regular basis.

“We must also send out the message that anyone thinking about misusing our logo will be caught and dealt with appropriately by the courts.”

Last year NICEIC stepped up its fight against firms incorrectly using its logo by setting up a Wall of Shame. Contractors caught falsely claiming to be members will be named and shamed on the NICEIC website and their details passed to Trading Standards.

Anyone who is suspicious of a contractor falsely claiming to be NICEIC registered should check the NICEIC website at which contains a full list of all those approved contractors registered with NICEIC. 

Published 25 January 2012


Certification News

CITB and NICEIC form new strategic alliance

CITB –ConstructionSkills and the Ascertiva Group have announced their intention to form a strategic alliance between their certification divisions, Cskills Awards and NICEIC, two of the UK’s largest personnel certification bodies.

The alliance will bring certification and support activities together to bring consistency of delivery to assessments in a number of schemes including the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS).

Emma McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of Ascertiva Group said: “This alliance brings a great deal of stability and consistency to personnel certification by the introduction of standardisation, which will ultimately benefit all individuals that need to undergo training or assessment to demonstrate their competence.”

Colin Evans, Business Services Director for CITB- ConstructionSkills went on to say: “We are looking forward to working together, with input from our customers, to deliver a standardised assessment package which will offer solidity and reliability in an ever changing market.  This alliance will ensure that we have the best possible training and assessment products available to a wide range of occupations.”

The two organisations will deliver a standardised set of products. Approved training centres will continue to operate under the existing two brands and will continue to be served by their existing certification body staff.

Published 19 January 2012


Free Transfers

Transfer window open for domestic sparkies

NICEIC is encouraging electricians not to score an own goal and transfer for free from their current scheme provider to NICEIC’s Domestic Installer Scheme (DIS).

NICEIC's Domestic Installer Scheme registers installers to Full Scope or Defined Competence for domestic electrical installation work in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations.

Paul Collins, Head of NICEIC, said: “NICEIC is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry and a name recognised by householders.

“NICEIC regularly promotes the importance of employing a NICEIC registered contractor to homeowners and runs several campaigns throughout the year which help promote our brand and helps our contractors win more jobs.”

Electricians registered with NICEIC are assessed on a regular basis to ensure the quality and standard of their work conforms to the IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671 and Approved Document P as well as other relevant standards. Once registered with the NICEIC, contractors can also access a range of support services, including technical advice; industry recognised training, industry literature and contractor insurance.

The free transfer service is quick and straightforward. Simply log on to the NICEIC website at or call our team direct on 0870 013 0458.

Electricians will need a copy of their registration with a current scheme provider, a copy of their most recent assessment report, and confirmation of public liability insurance (up to £2 million) as well as evidence of relevant qualifications.

NICEIC has been assessing the electrical competence of electricians for over fifty years and currently maintains a roll of over 26,000 registered contractors.

Published 11 January 2012


New Website

NICEIC launches test equipment website

NICEIC has launched a new website offering contractors Test and Measurement equipment at competitive prices.

The site features a wide range of products and services from leading manufacturers such as Megger, Fluke and Seaward along with a wealth of knowledge to help make your next Test and Measurement purchase easier.

NICEIC is also offering a quality calibration and repair service with a guaranteed return time to ensure your equipment is always ready for work.

For a limited time only NICEIC Test Equipment is offering a 20% discount on NICEIC books when purchasing a Multifunction Installation Tester or Portable Appliance Tester. 
For more details and to shop online visit

Published 11 January 2012


Fuse wire recall

Electrical contractors are being urged to cease using 5 amp fuse wire purchased in the last six months from either: B&Q, Wilkinson, Homebase, Makro or Robert Dyas.

The wire has been identified as defective and may result in significant overheating with a potential risk of fire.

Anyone who believes they might have this wire is urged to stop using it immediately and call the Nexus helpline on 01952 238 156 for further advice.

The recall only applies to 5 AMP FUSE WIRE purchased between 1st July 2011 and 31st January 2012. 15 Amp and 30 Amp fuse wire supplied on the same card is not affected and operates as intended.

A notice on includes a number of ‘FAQs’ for consumers and the trade. 

Published 08 February 2012


Industry called to Building Regs Select Committee

NICEIC promote Part P in Government


NICEIC Chief Executive Officer Emma Clancy was among a panel of leading electrical contracting industry figures called in front of the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee to discuss the case for retaining electrical safety as part of the building regulations.

The government is currently reviewing the Building Regulations, in particular Part P with a view to changing or amending the legislation which covers electrical work carried out around the home. NICEIC believe the regulation should be retained but reformed to ensure tighter enforcement and compliance. 

Emma was part of a panel of representatives from the electrical contracting industry who attended the select committee, chaired by MPs.  She was joined by Phil Buckle from the Electrical Safety Council, Paul Everall, Chief Executive, Local Authority Building Control, Steve Bratt, Chief Executive Officer, ECA, Chris Town, Director, Residential Landlords Association and Diane Marshall, Group Head of Building Control, NHBC.

The Committee questioned the workings of Competent Persons Schemes, electrical safety and enforcement. The industry urged the government to think carefully about making any amendments which could compromise safety in the home or the business advantages that can be gained by being registered. A recent survey of NICEIC contractors revealed that 85% would prefer to see Part P amended rather than ended.

“Cutting cost and red tape for the contractor is absolutely key when CLG look at amending Part P of the Building Regulations,” explains Emma. “However, electrical safety must not be compromised by the amendments. Our worst fear is that Part P is diluted further so that the regulation becomes so complex those contractors who are registered with a competent person’s scheme and do things properly are not undermined.”

NICEIC’s proposals to CLG on reforming the Building Regulations can be found on its website at 

Published 06 March 2012


Select Committee Report is released

NICEIC and ECA welcome report

NICEIC and the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) have welcomed the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee report into Building Regulations. After hearing evidence from the electrical contracting industry, Local Authorities and other key stakeholders, the Committee says it cannot support deregulation of the building regulations if electrical safety is compromised.

In a report released today (March 30th) the cross party Select Committee, said it had clear evidence to show that deaths and injuries due to electrical faults have decreased since the introduction of the regulations.

“For a long time now NICEIC has been voicing its concerns that electrical safety must not be compromised by any amendments,” comments NICEIC CEO Emma Clancy.

“Carrying out any electrical work around the home can be potentially fatal. It should not be taken lightly and should always be undertaken by a competent person who is registered with an accredited body.

“NICEIC welcome the latest comments and hope the government take on board the views of the Committee when it completes its consultation into proposals surrounding the building regulations.”

Steve Bratt, ECA Group CEO adds: “There is no room for compromise on safety, and the ECA is pleased that the Committee shares our view that the introduction of Part P has raised safety standards.

“The Government must ensure that any reduction in regulation will not put people at risk. This report is a welcome ‘first step’ and we look forward to playing a full and constructive role during the government consultation.”

Clive Betts, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, said: “We could only support de-regulation if there was clear evidence that safety standards would not suffer, but such evidence has not been provided by the Government.”

Additionally, the Committee, which also heard evidence from the Minister with responsibility for building regulations Andrew Stunell, said more needs to be done to raise public awareness that electrical work can potentially be extremely hazardous.

The Committee will now be recommending that all electrical equipment sold in DIY stores carries a health warning that it is illegal for an unregistered person to carry out most electrical works in the home.

“Such labelling is vital to reinforce the important message to the general public that they must use a registered electrician to carry out electrical works in the home,” added Clive. “It will also reinforce a broader health and safety message that electrical work can potentially be extremely hazardous.

“More must be done to alert households to the dangers of using sub-standard electricians and of the need to complete regular maintenance checks on electrical circuits in the home.”

In February this year Emma Clancy and Steve Bratt were among a panel of leading electrical contracting industry figures called in front of the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee to discuss the case for retaining electrical safety as part of the building regulations.

They were joined by Phil Buckle from the Electrical Safety Council, Paul Everall, Chief Executive, Local Authority Building Control, Chris Town, Director, Residential Landlords Association and Diane Marshall, Group Head of Building Control, NHBC.

Published 30 March 2012

NICEIC sponsor industry journalist

NICEIC helps conserve the Amazon

Journalist Frankie Snobel was used to writing features about green technology and Part L, but wanted to get involved even deeper in the global challenge to combat carbon.  With the support of many key electrical industry sponsors, including the NICEIC, Frankie headed to the Manu Biosphere Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon to work as a rainforest conservation volunteer.  Her goal was not only to get involved with the gruelling conservation work taking place, but to also report on the effects deforestation and climate change are having on the environment.

Working alongside an Amazon conservation charity called CREES, Frankie’s journey involved trekking through rough jungle terrain to assist in various projects, including planting trees, building biogardens and monitoring wildlife.  Venomous snakes, giant insects, spotted fever and no electricity or hot water made the experience very challenging at times. 

 “Working in the Amazon was not an easy feat,” said Frankie.  “The jungle is a fascinatingly beautiful place, but it pushes your boundaries both physically and mentally.”

Along with getting her hands dirty in conservation work, Frankie used the opportunity to interview indigenous communities and scientists about the changes occurring within the Peruvian Amazon.

“One of my main goals was to take what I learned there to raise awareness back in the UK about the state of the rainforest and its future,” said Frankie.  “Deforestation and oil exploration are occurring at an alarming rate and if there is a time to act, it is now.  This includes considering alternative energy sources and green technologies and also small steps, such as recycling or simply getting involved in conservation work.”

Want to find out more about the weird and wonderful creatures Frankie encountered in the jungle and the conservation work she did?  Coverage of Frankie’s project, including a documentary video, photo gallery and blog can be found at

Published 17 April 2012

Industry congratulates Tony Cable

NICEIC and ECA welcome report

Scores of electricians took time out at NICEIC Live recently to wish industry legend Tony Cable all the best as he prepares to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Tony, who has clocked up an amazing 55 years in the trade, was presented with a surprise birthday card as the crowd sang Happy Birthday in honour of his remarkable achievement.

The touching gesture left Tony almost speechless but he did manage to thank everyone for their kind words and help throughout his career.

“It’s completely different now to when i started in 1957, but this industry has been very good to me,” said Tony, who is now Senior Marketing and Events Engineer at NICEIC. I can honestly say I have had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. I have learnt something new every day and continue to do so.

“When I started out there were 20 sparks on every job and each one had an apprentice. There were jobs in factories, building sites and offices.  Times have changed a bit since then but I have never had a day out of work and I am very grateful for that.”

Tony will be 70 in June. He started out as an apprentice in 1957 before later moving on to have his own contracting business. He then moved into teaching before joining NICEIC in 1988 and working on the technical helpline. He joined the marketing team in 2005 and has gone on to present a series of award winning technical DVDs.

He has also starred as technical expert on numerous TV shows including Rogue Traders, Cowboy Builders and Help My House is Falling Down.

In 2009 he was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Electrical Times Awards.

Published 23 May 2012

NICEIC chosen to provide Green Deal certification

NICEIC has been successful in its application to provide certification services for the Government’s Green Deal initiative.

It can now offer certification to any business wishing to become a Green Deal installer.

NICEIC was one of 14 companies chosen to provide Green Deal certification in the first wave of official approvals by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

“We are delighted to have been chosen by UKAS for this important initiative,” said NICEIC CEO Emma Clancy.

“Green Deal will be central to achieving the Government’s energy efficiency objectives. Tradespeople with competent skills will be key to delivering Green Deal and we look forward to offering them the opportunity to get involved at an early stage.”

More than 30 companies were invited to take part in a pilot programme with UKAS in November last year.  The pilot was established to test the certification process and standards, which Green Deal certification bodies use to assure quality for Green Deal Advisors and businesses undertaking Green Deal installation work for consumers.

The Green Deal will incentivise householders and businesses to install energy efficient products by off – setting the cost through savings in energy bills. 

To successfully deliver the Green Deal a network of approved Green Deal Advisors and Installers will be needed. As part of its scope NICEIC can offer Green Deal installer certification in the required PAS2030 standard in virtually all of the services covered – including heating, lighting, insulation and microgeneration.

In addition NICEIC is setting up a series of workshops and training seminars specifically related to Green Deal.

“As a leading certifier of professional tradespeople we believe there is a real opportunity for our contractors with the appropriate expertise to benefit from Green Deal and also an opportunity for other tradespeople to become certified to undertake the Green Deal measures,” added Emma.

“The PAS2030 compliance already compliments many other government schemes such as the Competent Persons Schemes and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. We believe there is a great opportunity for the people already with these skills to play a major part in Green Deal.

“We look forward to using our experience and knowledge of certification to make the Green Deal a success,” added Emma.

For more information about Green Deal and how NICEIC can help you log on to or email

Published 23 May 2012


The evolving role of an electrician was the theme of the day as hundreds of contractors packed out Epsom Downs for the second NICEIC Live.

Visitors were given a glimpse into the future as they enjoyed presentations on topics such as energy saving lighting, microgeneration and the Green Deal.

Star of the show was TV presenter Suzi Perry, who gave a talk on the influence of gadgets and their increasing demand on energy consumption around the home.

“The rise of gadgets is extraordinary. You can now have your fridge hooked up to the wireless network and you can run a bath from an App on your phone, “commented Suzi.

“Homes are being designed around technology instead of the other way round and this will only increase in the future. This is driving innovation and creating more and more opportunities for electricians who are needed to install all this new technology,”

Other speakers on the day included renewable energy expert Peter Osborne who discussed the growing demand for sustainable technology, Mike Simpson, Technical and Design Director at Philips Lighting who presented a seminar on LED lighting and NICEIC’s Tony Cable and Darren Staniforth who gave a series of seminars on EICR’s in practice, Solar PV and electrical car charging points in addition to answering technical questions from the crowd.

Tony, who celebrates 55 years in the industry this year, also delivered a talk on the changing face of the industry since he started out in the 1950’s.

“When I began in 1957 we were on the 13th edition of the wiring regulations and your typical home had one light and one socket,” said Tony.

“The introduction of household appliances in the 1970’s revolutionised the industry and brought about changes in the regulations as well as an increased demand for more power sockets around the home.

“The industry is changing fast and sparks need to keep up to date with the latest developments and diversify.  It’s not all about plugs and sockets anymore.”

In addition to the presentations there was a thriving exhibition hall with electricians picking up advice and information from some of the biggest names in the industry including Milwaukee Tools, Megger, Dehn, Philips Lighting and Clik.

Mark Smith, Head of Group Marketing at NICEIC, said: “It was delightful to see so many contractors celebrating all that is good about the industry. NICEIC Live is about putting on something different. It’s about giving electricians knowledge and expertise that they can take back to their day to day role.”


NICEIC launch new advertising campaign

NICEIC has launched a new advertising campaign to promote the use of its contractors to specifiers and consumers.

The adverts feature a new design and tagline. They will appear in national newspapers including The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Mail on Sunday along with consumer and trade magazines.

“This is the fourth year NICEIC has appeared in the national press, however our approach and the ads themselves have been improved this time round,” commented Mark Smith, Head of Group Marketing at NICEIC.

“We hope more readers will recognise the NICEIC logo and associate this with a safe electrical job carried out by professionals.

“With more than 24,000 electricians registered with us, NICEIC is the largest voluntary regulatory body in the electrical industry and we work hard to promote them to end users.

“This campaign is a fresh approach to our advertising and will reinforce NICEIC as the name you can trust when it comes to choosing an electrician.”

The ad campaign will take place over the next nine months and reach a total audience figure in excess of 14 million. The specifier adverts will be seen by landlords, facilities managers, architects, builders, letting agents, local authorities and housing associations.

Published 11 July 2012

NICEIC sponsor keynote debate at Westminster

Green Deal update

In anticipation of the Green Deal's launch in October NICEIC staff joined 120 key industry suppliers, policy-makers and representatives from the gas and electricity for a keynote speech at Westminster last week.

Hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group and sponsored by Ascertiva, parent company of NICEIC, the event featured a presentation from Minister for Energy and Climate Change Greg Barker, David Thorne, chief executive of Gemserve, the Green Deal Oversight Body and Ascertiva’s new group chairman Ann Robinson.

Mr Barker outlined the opportunities Green Deal would present for householders, installers and industry alongside the important role certification bodies would play in maintaining standards.

He also stressed the need for safety to ensure the consumer has confidence in Green Deal, adding: "Safety in the home is a concern. We must educate the wider consumer about these dangers. The Government must ensure that safety is built into the framework and that the industry has the adequate skills to deliver it".

NICEIC’s commercial director Matt Gantley said: “ This was a great opportunity for NICEIC to get in front of some highly influential people relating to Green Deal and discuss the role we can play to ensure  Green Deal is a success for everyone.”

Published 11 July 2012

NICEIC and EAL form strategic alliance

NICEIC and EAL have formed a strategic alliance to deliver industry recognised qualifications for the electro-technical and renewable industry.

The partnership will see both organisations bring consistency to current training and qualifications practices under the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Emma Clancy, Chief Executive Officer of NICEIC said: “This alliance ensures we are providing the best training, knowledge and qualifications to all those in the electro-technical industry.

“The renewable industry is also set to flourish in the next few years and it is important that tradespeople have the necessary skills, and qualifications to take advantage of the opportunities on offer.”

Ann Watson, Managing Director of EAL, the specialist awarding organisation for industry qualifications, said: “Taking a collaborative approach to providing electro-technical qualifications will assure learners and employers that the training they receive is consistent, rigorously assessed and recognised across industry.

“The rapid growth and investment in the renewable sector will see thousands of new jobs created over the coming years, as well as calling on current workers to up skill and learn about new technologies. So it is also vital that they gain the same level of skills and knowledge to reassure customers and meet rising demand for green technologies in homes and businesses around the country.”

Published 17 July 2012

A first for Forrest


Forrest has become the first firm to achieve certification for Green Deal by NICEIC.

Forrest, which specialises in social housing regeneration, is now one of just a few businesses in the country to be certified against the Green Deal standard PAS 2030 – the requirement firms must have in place in order to be registered  to install Green Deal measures.

The register for Green Deal opens in August. Only those firms with the appropriate approval in place will be able to carry out Green Deal work when the initiative launches later this year.

Forrest’s Chief Executive Lee McCarren, said: “We have placed green technology and techniques at the heart of our business and continually invest to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of sustainable building practice.

“The Green Deal is a once in a generation opportunity for UK homeowners, affordable housing providers and the construction industry and Forrest will be at the forefront of its delivery.”

In May this year NICEIC was one of a few organisations selected by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to provide Green Deal certification. It can now offer certification to any business wishing to become a Green Deal installer.

Forrest were invited by NICEIC to take part in a pilot programme to test the certification process and standards which Green Deal certification bodies use to assure quality for businesses undertaking Green Deal installation work for consumers.

Green Deal approval involves checks of all quality procedures within an organisation in addition to an ability to carry out the work. By going through these rigorous checks customers can have confidence in the firm they select to carry out the work.

Green Deal is the Government’s flagship initiative to reduce energy emissions from homes and buildings across the UK.  Set to launch this autumn it is aimed at making up to 14 million homes more efficient through insulation, draught proofing, double glazing and other measures which are designed to reduce the energy usage.

Published 18 July 2012

NICEIC offer Green Deal Advisor certification

NICEIC can now offer certification to any business wishing to become a Green Deal advisor.

Green Deal advisors will be responsible for carrying out the initial assessment of a property to identify which measures may be appropriate. Advisors may undertake assessments on domestic and commercial properties, but must be certified by a UKAS accredited certification body and be centrally registered with the Green Deal Oversight Body.

“To successfully deliver the Green Deal a network of appropriately qualified advisors will be needed,” commented NICEIC’s Green Deal project manager Nick Wright.

“As part of our scope NICEIC can now offer Green Deal advisor certification to the required standard. We are delighted to have been accredited for this important initiative, which is in addition to our ability to offer Green Deal installer certification.”

In order for organisations to provide a Green Deal advisory service a company has two main considerations. The company must ensure the staff it employs or subcontracts the work to are properly trained and competent to undertake the work. It must also ensure the appropriate processes and systems are in place to comply with the Green Deal advisory standard.

The NICEIC certification process looks at all these processes and can be generally undertaken via a half day assessment – depending on the size and scope of the organisation. 

In addition to its certification service NICEIC is able to provide any necessary advisory training via its partnership with Elmhurst Energy.

“Advisors will play a key role in the Green Deal process when the government initiative launches in October,” added Wright. “We look forward to using our experience and knowledge of certification to make the Green Deal a success.”

For more information about Green Deal and how NICEIC can help you log on to or email

Published 15 August 2012

Darren Evans Assessments certified to offer Green Deal Advisory services

The Government launched its flagship Green Deal initiative this week as Darren Evans Assessments became the first firm to achieve Green Deal Advisor certification from NICEIC.

Darren Evans Assessments provide a comprehensive range of energy efficiency and sustainability services for architects, developers, housing associations, and commercial and domestic landlords. It is now certified to carry out assessments of domestic properties under the Green Deal initiative.

Green Deal advisors will be responsible for carrying out the initial inspection of a property to identify which measures will be appropriate Only those firms with the appropriate approval in place can carry out the assessments.

NICEIC can now offer certification to any business wishing to become a Green Deal installer or advisor. Darren Evans Assessments were invited by NICEIC to take part in a programme to test the certification process and standards which Green Deal certification bodies use to assure quality for businesses undertaking Green Deal work for consumers.

Green Deal approval involves checks of all quality procedures within an organisation in addition to an ability to carry out the work. By going through these rigorous checks customers can have confidence in the firm they select to carry out the work.

Green Deal Project Manager at NICEIC, Nick Wright, said: “Green Deal advisors will be at the frontline of this important initiative. They will have an important role to play going into people’s homes and carrying out the assessments.

“It is vital that all firms carrying out this type of work have the correct and appropriate procedures in place. We are delighted to have worked with Darren Evans Assessments on their route to certification.”

Published 04 October 2012

Dragons’ Den star Devey backs NICEIC campaign

Dragons’ Den star Hilary Devey is the latest big name personality to sign up in support of NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls campaign.

The entrepreneur will be joining NICEIC CEO Emma Clancy for a series of radio interviews today (October 9th) to promote the campaign which aims to encourage more women into the construction industry

“Given my career in the traditionally male dominated industry of freight distribution, this campaign is very close to my heart,” comments Hilary. “I am proof that women can smash through gender stereotypes, climb to the top of any profession and truly excel at what they do.  I am extremely passionate about breaking down barriers for women in the workplace and this is why I am lending my full support to this campaign with NICEIC.”

Hilary’s backing comes at a time of increasing turbulence in the workplace. Recent research by NICEIC suggests women are feeling under-valued and overshadowed by their male counterparts. 

As a result, many now see learning a skilled trade as the answer to beating the recession. The survey of 3,000 consumers reveals that women are still at a disadvantage in the workplace with nearly half (45%) stating they are treated differently to men who hold the same position at work.  More than half of women polled (55%) also believe this shocking inequality has worsened since the recession.

Surprisingly, seven out of 10 women (70%) feel they are paid less than their male colleagues for doing the same role and a further three quarters (74%) wish that they had learned a skilled trade, as they say it would offer them greater flexibility in their working life.

Emma Clancy, Chief Executive Officer of NICEIC, added “During these challenging economic times, it seems more women are feeling side lined in their careers as they tackle looking after their family while working full time. 

“As a result, many are now looking for a flexible option that will enable them to work around their hectic home life and taking-up a trade is an option we would urge them to consider. 

“Our Jobs for the Girls initiative has already received MP support and widespread backing from female contractors and it’s with much personal passion and enthusiasm that I continue to head-up this campaign to encourage more women into the electrical contracting world.”

NICEIC has set up a dedicated website for anyone wanting to find out more about the campaign at or you can follow on twitter @JFTG_NICEIC

Published 09 October 2012

NICEIC add more courses to online learning facility

NICEIC has now added more courses to its online training facility following positive feedback from customers who have already used the service.

The new courses:   Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations (EICR’s), Level 3 Award in Small Scale PV System Installation and Level 3 in Small Scale PV System PV Maintenance mean NICEC can now offer up to 11 different online/blended courses.

Since its launch in 2010 more than 3000 people have signed up for online electrical training courses because of the flexibility it offers around full time work.

As Asad Majid, Head of Training at NICEIC explains: “Online teaching means users can choose to learn at their own pace and do not need to take time off work. This innovative style of training allows users to gain the necessary qualifications at a time and pace that best suits them.

“Our online learning facility provides a practical solution to the demanding challenge of trying to fit training in around work and this is why we are delighted to be able to offer more courses.” 

NICEIC now offer online training in the following:

  • Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671: June 2008 (2011)
  • Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations
  • Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations (EICR’s)
  • 17th Edition 1st Amendment Only
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report  (EICR)
  • Scottish Building Regulation Qualification (CPD)
  • Safe Isolation (CPD)
  • Ladders (CPD)
  • Level 2 Award in Environmental Awareness
  • Level 3 Award in Small Scale PV System Installation
  • Level 3 in Small Scale PV System PV Maintenance

More than 1,500 customers have already registered for the 17th edition e-learning course with NICEIC. Training in the 17th edition regulations could involve electricians spending up to four days in a classroom. Thanks to NICEIC’s partnership with Virtual College, contractors can now do the majority of training online – reducing the time spent away from work.

The courses can be taken over a number of nights, weeks or months to suit the demands on the electrician’s time. The learning is structured into short assessments with revision tests available online so the learner is fully prepared for the final assessment in the classroom. The pass rate stands at a staggering over 95% reflecting the quality and the success of the learning tools.

Asad continued: “Our partnership with Virtual College is just one example of the work we are doing to make training easier and accessible for all contractors.”

For more information about the courses on offer please or log on to and click on training.

Published 12 October 2012
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