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Complaints & Appeals

Complaints and Appeals 


Should a client of NICEIC Certification feel the need to make a formal complaint concerning any issue, they should contact NICEIC Certification, in writing preferably, specifying the issue that has been of concern. If the issue involves one of our network of assessment centres, you may however wish to contact the centre concerned directly. 

NICEIC will formally acknowledge and log that complaint within 5 days of its receipt, request more information if required, and investigate the issue of concern and in so doing, determine the cause of the issue, if possible.

We will then advise the client of the outcome of our investigations


 Any individual has the right to appeal against a decision of NICEIC Certification.

Thus, Individuals have the right of appeal against any of the following:-

a)       The results of a complaint investigation,

b)      A decision not to issue certification,

c)       A decision to withdraw certification.

All appeals must be submitted in writing with a remittance of £100 that is refundable if the appeal is successful.

Whilst in appeal, except in exceptional circumstances, individuals holding relevant and current certification shall continue to be recognised within the scheme.

Individuals have the right to be represented at an appeal hearing, but must inform NICEIC Certification in writing of this intention. Representation may be by a legal, trade union or any other body or colleague.

The initial appeal must be heard within 15 working days of the original notification of a decision. An appeals panel will be convened and its constitution will be communicated to the individual. The individual has the right to object to the constitution of the panel. In such cases an alternative panel will be proposed by NICEIC Certification. Following evaluation of the appeal the outcome will be formally notified to the individual.  The individual has the right of a final appeal via an independent arbiter acceptable to both parties whose decision is final.

The total cost of appeals by an individual shall be borne by them where the appeal, at any stage, is not upheld by NICEIC Certification.

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